Negative & Slide Scanning

Negative & Slide film scanning 35mm, APS & 120 sizes to USB stick for PC or Mac, or via Dropbox. Of course, we can also make prints or enlargements from you slides as well.

Scanned in store on a Fujifilm SP2000 Scanner Fuji Frontier, considered the best scanner by labs worldwide for the highest quality scanning.The digital files we return to you are perfect for sharing your pictures digitally, making 4×6 prints, for inclusion in video and presentation projects and as digital backups.

Turnaround time can take anywhere from 2-3 business days, however, scanning for funeral services will be done same day, if required.

Note: As in any photographic process, the digital files from our scans will only be as good as your original film, note that old or poorly processed film negatives may discolor over the years, this will show on the scans. We do not retouch scans, though this can be done, see restorations.