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Serengeti Design Studios, Merrick, NY

Photo Restoration, Serving the Entire Long Island, NY Area


Do you have photo albums full of photos that are faded or torn from generations of use? The artifacts left by your ancestors are important to pass on to future generations, but time and improper conditions can take a toll. Bring them in to Serengeti Design Studios and we will give them a facelift!

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We will help you preserve the past for your future family members by repairing the damage and providing new prints and even DVDs set to music.
Preserve your old family photographs to share with generations of descendants with photo restoration services from our award winning studio.

Contact Serengeti Design Studios today at 516-623-2828 to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION for a portrait session and we will capture a moment in your family’s life. Visit our Merrick, NY studio or check out our print rates or album spreads.